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30 Apr

You are here: Spiritual Declination

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Declination is a navigational term that refers to the formula for calculating the difference between Magnetic North and True North.  True North is the direction in which the north pole is located along the Earth’s rotational axis, while magnetic north is the direction toward which the compass needle points.  True north never changes its location, […]

30 Apr

Guilt vs. Conviction

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I have been preparing to preach a sermon on the topic of repentance, and felt that this little bit I came across would help somebody.  I would probably venture to say that more Christians live in fear of God rather than in the freedom of His grace because they feel guilty.  While in a certain […]

09 Apr

I am superman.

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I am superman. I don’t wear a cape.  I don’t have heat vision.  I don’t fly.  I certainly don’t wear tights.  But what I do have, is supernatural DNA.  I have the DNA of a superhero. Peter explains it in 2 Peter 1:3   “His divine power has given us everything we need for life […]