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17 Mar

The darkest place I’ve ever been

Saudi Night Sky

  When I was 9 years old my family lived in Saudi Arabia.  A country with desserts so vast only 1.5% of it’s entire mass is inhabitable, leaving more than 98% of the country barren and desolate.  Very few people travel these areas because resources are scarce, and a simple cry for help will go […]

15 Jan

Take the hit.

I recently read an interview with Jack Johnson, the heavyweight boxing champion of the world from 1908-1915.   In discussing how the sport has changed, he said something simple and profound.  Some of the greatest fighters of all time didn’t last because they could punch the hardest; but because they knew how to take a punch.   […]

12 Jan

The wait…

Faith, Pain, Personal Growth, Prayer No Comments by Josh Schlotterbeck

Man, for so long I have gone through pain in my life and have wondered, “Why in the world is this lasting for so long?” I cam across this verse today and was moved by God’s clarity through his word. Now, please read the entire chapter for it’s full context an will d power (1 […]

06 Jan

No pain, no gain.

So I know that pain is a part of life. But why would God allow it to happen because, well, it hurts? Wouldn’t God want us to life pain free and happy? Here’s the truth. God doesn’t want us to hurt any more than we want to experience depression, loneliness or physical pain. God does […]