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02 May

The anatomy of a hard heart

Anatomy of a hard heart

One of the most difficult aspects of this season in my life is that I had never prepared for it.  What I mean to say is, on the one hand, this is something the church never talks about. We never talk about the pain that cuts so deep it paralyzes its victims.  We never talk […]

17 Mar

The darkest place I’ve ever been

Saudi Night Sky

  When I was 9 years old my family lived in Saudi Arabia.  A country with desserts so vast only 1.5% of it’s entire mass is inhabitable, leaving more than 98% of the country barren and desolate.  Very few people travel these areas because resources are scarce, and a simple cry for help will go […]

06 Jan

I’m chiseled – and so are you.

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So, I know many of you made the resolution to get into shape or work out more this year.  That’s not what I’m talking about.    I’m talking about rocks. Yesterday the kids and I set up their Rock Tumbler that they got for Christmas.  It was kind of anti climactic because when the kids found […]

18 Oct

Prayer determines your effectiveness.

The only way to really change the world is to fully immerse your will and your desires into the mind of Christ so that we become an extension of His ministry to mankind. You are the change the world needs, and the best place to start is prayer. Prayer determines your effectiveness. The most influential […]

13 May

The threat of familiarity and the fertile ground of gratitude.

Gratitude is the foundation of worship because worship happens when we focus our minds attention and hearts affection on God in response to who He is and what He has done.  For Christians, one of the greatest threats to our faith is familiarity.  In most cases familiarity results in complacency.  While one would argue that […]