Honor Runs Deep: The price of dishonor

August 24, 2015 No Comments by Josh Schlotterbeck

Dishonor Produces Insecurity

When you fail to honor people they fail to believe that you intend the best for them. When you fail to honor your employee’s contributions, they will assume that they aren’t meeting your expectations.  Honor is infused into the fiber of every human being.  It is at the core of our self-esteem.  Want to improve company morale?  Honor the contributions of each team member.

Dishonor Corrupts Intimacy

When you fail to honor people they feel like you lack concern for them destroying intimacy. I’m not talking about romantic intimacy but simple relational camaraderie of your employees.  By failing to honor or recognition the contributions of your employees, they will begin to feel “out of the loop” and “un-important.”  Fail to honor your employees and they will lose confidence in the team, and feel like an outsider.

Dishonor Depreciates Trust

When you fail to honor your team’s contributions, you will lose credibility and trust.  Honor is freely given by those who are honorable.  Without honoring your team(s), you will create a culture of cynical and guarded people.  The willingness to personally invest in your companies goals will decline and ultimately destroy teamwork.

So before you speak out of turn, or say something out of spite; check the price tag.  Ensure that you go out of your way to honor your team members.

Honor isn’t an attitude or actions.  It’s a lifestyle.  Honor runs deep.


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