Honor: The forgotten way.

August 23, 2015 No Comments by Josh Schlotterbeck

If you have ever received recognition for your accomplishments, you know that it’s like a breath of pure oxygen to a mountain climber caught beneath an avalanche.  There is no greater joy and feeling of accomplishment than knowing someone appreciates what you’ve done.  Over the last several months I have been proactively seeking ways to recognize and honor people in my sphere of influence.  In particular, those people who have been leveraging their talents and abilities to help me reach my goals; both professionally and personally.   If you’re not careful to honor those people; you might be the one limiting your growth and success.  After all, it’s your team that magnifies the best in you.

Honor , it seems, is a lost art.

When it comes to honor, I feel like sometimes I have gotten the concept backwards.  Typically, we honor people, because of the work they done or the accomplishments they’ve made. However, I made a simple discovery about honor recently: Honor comes before the commitment.

Let me illustrate.

I had dated my wife only four months when I decided it was time to propose.  She said yes and now we have been married six years and have three beautiful children.  The point I wanted to make is this; she would have never agree to commit to spend her entire life with me if I hadn’t already honored her time, money, body, family, etc.  Honor comes before the commitment.

The same is true for your organization.

If you want to increase employee morale; honor them.
If you want to reduce employee turnover; honor them.
If you want repeat customers; honor them.

Honor Comes before the commitment.

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