If you’ve got it…Give it!

January 9, 2013 1 Comment by Josh Schlotterbeck

I have been learning some valuable leadership lessons lately. Rather, unlearning self reliance and dependence on Christ the King. I was moved by Philip’s (Acts 8:26-40) uncanny passion and drive to respond to God’s call.

God spoke it – Philip Did it – and God blessed it!!

So many times my heart can be so deceitful and when God speaks, I convince myself that he isn’t.

I’ll run it through my check book.
I’ll do a risk assessment.
I’ll right out the pros and cons.

Ultimately I try and talk my self out of God’s purpose. Because i fear hurting myself, letting people down, stepping on people’s toes or disappointing God.

Not this time. If you’ve got it.. Give it…

Sometimes the only way out of the rut is push people harder.
Sometimes the only way to grow is to cut things out.

As a Christian leader we cannot afford to wield influence however, apart from the direction of the Holy Spirit. The role of scripture and the ministry of the Holy Spirit can never be overestimated.

If you’ve got it. Give it

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  1. sara says:
    Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 1:42pm

    Great words of encouragement to be obedient! As men and women we have become so good at making things complicated. Thank you for reminding us that as Christians we need only follow our King’s lead!


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