Own It

January 4, 2013 No Comments by Josh Schlotterbeck

As a growing leader I am always tacking my growth by reflecting on past successes and failures. Obviously one of my failures is spelling (I am working on it). At any rate, at some point in everyone life they get a vision or calling from God. While it burns deeply in your heart you find yourself against opposition and as a result, you sometimes choose the road often traveled. You take the easy route and find our self agreeable , right?

I am too young.
You’re right, I’m not smart enough.
There isn’t enough…(time,money,resource, support/….insert yours).


This is your God given destiny. And if any one is going to join you in changing the world you have got to SELL out for the vision. The people who follow you will take their cues from you. If you don’t fight for it, neither will they. If you don’t dream big, neither will they. If you don’t sacrifice, neither will they.

Do you own it?

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