The good and bad news.

October 16, 2012 No Comments by Josh Schlotterbeck

I was teaching the Senior High Sunday school class this past Sunday and I realized a very important leadership principal.

Timing trumps content!

When dealing with issues of faith and practical application, sometimes there is good news and there is also bad news. The good news is the saving grace and the life changing power of Christ Jesus. The bad news, is sin. It’s something we are doing that we shouldn’t be doing. It’s the things we think.

While we have to address the bad news, timing is everything.

If you have bad news, or a challenging piece of advice…it’s best to bring that to the table first. And ALWAYS follow it up with the GOOD NEWS!!!

Never leave someone with all the baggage and forget to give them hope. Critics are never received well after people have messed up…especially when they are emotional attached to the decisions they have made.

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