April 15, 2017 No Comments by Josh Schlotterbeck

When evil mounts its horse for war
With shouts and scoffs like a lion’s roar
I hear a voice, quite faint but true
I Am still here for you.

When Evil’s strength it does parade
Its intent my heart dismayed
I hear above its jarring noise
Find strength in Me, I Am your poise

When Evil makes its charge, brave and bold
It tests the heart, to find the crack it holds
And yet my flesh may surely fail,
My God, My Hope, He will prevail

When arrows loosed by Evil come
By their course, my hope undone.
When Christ at last, takes a stand
For He not I, Evil must contend

When Evil meets with Christ indeed
In this battle, it has no victory
While the lamb of God they claim to slay
Will three days later take the grave.

Now Evil runs when I make a stand
My cracks are covered by His hand
For God does not leave me to defend
Now Victory is the only end.

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