Walk like a man.

October 25, 2018 No Comments by Josh Schlotterbeck

The last two years of my life have been nothing short of challenging and painful.   They have, however, produced some of the most valuable lessons I have learned in my thirty-five years  of walking this planet.  After re-visiting a blog I wrote called No pain, No gain, I have come to the conclusion that it is time to tell my story; because sometimes, God allows us to descend into the shadow of the valley, so we can see the light of God’s glory.  And, like a city on a hill, we should never keep those experiences or lessons learned to ourselves.

So, what have I learned while walking in the valley? How to walk like a man. 

Many men fear the valley.  But if he is to be fully a man, if he is going to walk like a man; he must learn what it means to move into the shadow, into the darkness.  And that will require him to admit “I don’t know what to do” with a despair so real that only faith in God will help.  In the darkness of confusion, you cannot see but you can hear; at least, you can hear the voice of God.  Natural movement, the kind that depends on sight, completely stops in darkness.   But supernatural movement, both the movement of God and the movement of man who walks by faith rather than sight, is possible even in the darkest of darkness.

The fundamental lesson of learning to walk like a man is that life is about movement.   Movement defines a man’s existence, and you are always moving.  But not all movement is good; and good movement always begins with repentance.   Men who spend their lives finding God, especially in the valley, are quietly transformed into authentic, strong men.  Men who lean into relationships with strength and sensitivity instead of toughness and dominance. They become men who release others from their control and encourage them with their influence.  They touch others in sensitive ways that free them to be authentic themselves.  Free to struggle.  Free to experience joy and sorrow.

If you want to become this kind of man, you must become more aware of your sinfulness than your neediness.  You must abandon yourself to God with absolute confidence in his goodness; and with the freedom created by that confidence, move into the valley and walk like a man. 

Be a man.
Be courageous.
Be wise.
Be Imaginative.

Decide what best reflects the character of God and move accordingly.





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